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Urgent advice please! - Ferretists Unite [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Urgent advice please! [Feb. 12th, 2008|08:41 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]

So, we thought Bella had an ulcer. Didn't want to eat, was grinding when she did and had lost some weight. We did the usual ulcer treatment. Then, I noticed a bump in her throat. Not where a lymphnode would be. I brought her back and the doctor felt this was probably a battle wound from the youngest. He figured some rough housing got to be too much and an injury to the salivary glad was infected. We follow that with some antibiotics. It didn't help. Now, the lymphnode next to the belly is enlarged. Not knowing what to do, we treat for both infection and an ulcer. We put her under and did an ultrasound of both and asprirates of each. The throat aspirate further indicated infection. The belly was pretty inconclusive. The cells there weren't typical of either lymphoma or an ulcer. We started prednisone. Bella was still no better. So, we brought her back. We ran more tests, did an x-ray and sub-q fluids. Her calcium was off the chart making her hyper-calciumic. Thus her feeling so bad. The xray showed no further growth in the 'masses'. But she had some 'congestion' in her chest and some severe inflammation in her lower intestine. It was then suggested that I talk to an oncologist and start Chemo.

I've been speaking with the amazing oncologist that managed to remove an extremely aggressive sarcoma in another ferret with all natural treatment. My doc said I urgently needed to begin this. But, now, the oncologist doesn't have enough documentation to proceed with the chemo. The doc can't help me any more with the resources he has.

I CAN'T sit back and wait for them to have a free moment and figure this out, but I'm powerless. What can I do? Has anyone else had any experience in this, or these symptoms?

P.S. I've had some MAJOR issues with the only other ferret knowledgeable vet's at the practice she just joined. AND, it's directly (as in maybe 8 feet) next door to the vet I am seeing. I don't want to burn any bridges or anything in this either.