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Bella lost her battle with Lymphoma on Monday. She had her second… - Ferretists Unite [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 2nd, 2008|12:07 am]
[mood |crushedcrushed]

Bella lost her battle with Lymphoma on Monday. She had her second chemo treatment on Friday and I'd noticed she was severely favoring the leg that the chemo was administered into. They figured it was just tender. Later than evening, she developed severe diarhea, a rash, and she was limping worse. So I took her into the emergency vet. All they could do was give her something for the diarhea. Sunday, she wouldn't walk at all. She's panic with her back feet but wouldn't use her front legs at all. I rushed her into the oncologist on Monday morning. She was so miserable. Her coloring was orange, she was still unable to walk, she was unable to control her bodily functions.

The doctor saw her first thing and said that the chemo wasn't working, the cancer had spread to her nervous system. She didn't expect her live another 24 hours. I had to make the single hardest decision of my life thus far. In the end, I decided to end Bella's suffering. I couldn't be selfish and have her suffer for her my company any longer. She passed away in my arms and I still wonder if I did the right thing, if I could have done anything differently. After all, it went from no symptoms less than a month ago, to cancer so sever and aggressive that it devoured her lymphnodes and invaded her nervous system like wildfire. Bella had always been the healthiest, smartest, sweetest ferret we had. I'm still in a shock and a bit of denial. Her brother, Logan, is taking it reall hard as well. The other 6 of our ferrets seem to be alright. There's just no comfort, no filling the void of losing a baby.

Here's some pictures of Bella over the last few years we shared our lives with her.

A few years ago

More recently

Last couple weeks